Aquacade Camp

Aquacade is located on the banks of the Orange River, haven to numerous
bird species. The resort is situated in lovely surroundings, 10km from the cross
border to Namibia on the N7, on a small Lucerne farm in Vioolsdrift

We offer self-catering chalets, campsites and river rafting at affordable rates in a peaceful atmosphere filled with beautiful river views, sunsets over the mountain ranges of the Richtersveld and silent, starry nights. You are assured of friendly service and great facilities with every effort made to ensure that our visitors have a pleasant and memorable experience. Activities like fishing, swimming and rafting makes it the ideal family getaway, also a convenient stopover on your way to or from Namibia, situated halfway between Cape Town and Windhoek.

The Richtersveld area can also be entered through Vioolsdrift. Don’t miss this stopover when
doing the Namakwa 4x4 route, or stay one extra day and spent time exploring the river on one of our rafting trips. The first section of the route leads next to the Orange River, from Pella to Vioolsdrift, and then enter the spectacular scenery of the biggest mountain desert in South Africa in it’s second section, leading from Vioolsdrift to Eksteenfontein and then all the way to Alexanderbay. This timeless landscapes shows the signs of old volcanic mountains, interesting rock formations and is famous for it’s succulents and rich birdlife.